[New Release item on December]

by Taka

12/2 DX Octopus Light Full Bottle Set (DX Octopus Full Bottle & DX Light Full Bottle)

12/8 Obake & Parka Full Bottle (UNIQLO Limited)12/9 DX Rabbit Tank Sparkling 

12/9 DX Rabbit Tank Sparkling
        DX Yujyou & Medal Full Bottle Set (DX Yujyou Full Bottle & DX Medal Full Bottle)
        BCR07 Build Kaizoku Ressha Form
        SG Full Bottle 04 Kaizoku / Ressha / Dragon / Lion / Shoubousya Full Bottle

12/20 Santa Claus Full Bottle (Charadeco Christmas Cake Limtied)
          Christmas Kyutama (Charadeco Christmas Cake Limtied)

12/23 DX Phoenix Robo Full Bottle Set (DX Phoenix Full Bottle & DX Robo Full Bottle)
          Masker World vol.4 Build Rabbit Tank Form / Build Ninnin Comic Form / Kabuto / Amazon New Omega
          Amazon Neo

12/27 DX Squash Driver (DX Dragon Squash Jelly & DX Robot Squash Jelly)
          DX Ultra Capsule Special Set (Ultraman Saga / Ginga Victory / Exceed X Beta Spark Armor
          Orb Orb Trinity Capsule)

To be determined
          Buttoba Soul vol.M04
          GP Full Bottle 07 Kaizoku / Kaizoku Metallic Color / Densha / Densha Metallic Color 
          Dragon / Dragon Metallic Color / Doctor / Game Full Bottle
          GP Full Bottle 08 Octopus / Octopus Metallic Color /  Light / Light Metallic Color Full Bottle