[New Release Item List on November]

11/1 Orange Full Bottle Metallic Color / Medal Full Bottle Metallic Color (Buttoba Soul Limited) 11/3 DX W Full Bottle Set (DX Tantei & USB Memory Full Bottle)         DX Ex-Aid Full Bottle Set (DX Doctor & Game Full Bottle)         DX Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Full Bottle (Heisei Generation Final Limited Item)         DX Ultra Capsule Ultra Kyodai Set (Zoffy, Jack, Ace, Taro Capsule)         DX Ultra Capsule Atrocious Set (Gubira, Zegan, Empera Seijin, Dark Rugieru Capsule) 11

[Kamen Rider Build] Kamen Rider Cross-Z Henshin Lecture

Now I love Cross-Z! His finisher is soooooo cool!

[Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Trilogy] New trailer of V Cinema Brave & Snipe

[Complete Selection Modification] Kaixa Blaygun demo movie

The same sounds and gimmick as TV show. If you still consider to buy or not, you should pre-order it! It's must item for every Kaixa fans!

[Heisei Generation Final] Interview of Hiroki Iijima